Forty years ago I decided I wanted to make art about nature. First, I made sculptures and drawings of human anatomy and plants. But soon I discovered the feeling I wanted to express in art was communicated best in paintings of the landscape.

Originally from Philadelphia, Elissa Gore now lives in New York City. She studied at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Art. Her work is often shown nationally and is included in over 60 public collections. She has had 18 solo exhibitions. Her work can be found in New York City at Kathryn Markel Fine Art. She taught college fine art  for 20 years and currently teaches landscape painting at the New York Botanical Garden.

About the artwork on this site: Only available work is shown. These works on paper and canvas were inspired by experiences on my travels to art residencies and to paint on location



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Later I found myself living in a dark NYC apartment. I could only see the sky, obliquely, from one window. This is when I began landscape painting in earnest.

In summer, I escaped to a rural paradise of hay fields criss-crossing the mountainside under a sky filled with boulder-like cumulus and icy streams choked with leaping trout. I sketched and photographed, in winter painting my sun-soaked memories in my room facing a brick wall. Later I explored atmospheric effects. The rising mist at dawn. I went to the lake searching for color in the sunset that set harmonic convergence. But a scrim of trees partially hid the lake...Its entirety I could only imagine. The sublime lay just beyond my grasp.

I left the dark apartment. And in 2002 turned my attention to also making finished paintings on site. I included buildings as subjects and my vision continues to grow happily en plein air using oil paint on my homemade linen panels.

In my studio paintings, I try to surround the viewer with atmosphere or a panoramic view, that reflects a transcendent moment I feel. I respond especially to places that include air, earth and water.